How it works for IT vendors

Get searched in our search engine

Let our users find you whenever they are looking for your product or solution.

Get listed and receive quality leads

Be one among the shortlisted vendors whenever an IT Buyer is looking for the solutions you offer.

Personal Dashboard

1POINT2IT provides an interactive personal dashboard for every IT vendor which helps to manage IT leads and monitor projects. In the dashboard landing page, you will find links to explore projects, recent orders, your contacts, messages and notifications.

Find every leads in our Leads page

In this page, you will find list of all your active leads, projects and recent orders closed through 1POINT2IT. You can also filter the leads and orders according to the status of the same.

Project detail page

The project detail page consists of the detail of the lead or order in brief. You can also find requirement details, closure details, service provider involved, status of the lead etc

Details of closed orders

This page contains details regarding closure, service provider involved, status of your order, estimated project execution date, options to upload PO and terms with 1POINT2IT.

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